Learn More About Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a system developed for database management and analysis. 

Benefits of Microsoft SQL Server

MS SQL Server makes it easier to build mission-critical applications as well as Big Data and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. Thanks to in-memory built-in technology your employees can make better and faster decisions. 

Mission-critical performance

One of the key benefits of the new Microsoft SQL Server is its In-Memory built-in technology across all workloads, making it the most comprehensive In-Memory database solution on the market. Thanks to redefined engineering security processes, SQL Server offers peace of mind. You can trust that your data is secure as NIST ranked it the “least vulnerable” database five years in a row. The “Always On” option now offers enhanced HA (High Availability) as well as simplified management and deployment.

Faster insights

With a comprehensive BI solution you can get faster insights from both big and small data. The process of searching, accessing, analysing, cleaning and shaping internal and external data is accelerated. You can go beyond simple data management using sophisticated BI and analytics. Every user within your company is easily connected to the data they need, which translates into better decisions being made faster for your business.

Capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server

Breakthrough In-Memory performance

Data explosion forces businesses to constantly improve performance to answer their customers as quickly as possible. The new In-Memory OLTP (OnLine Transaction Processing) engine delivers on average 10x and up to 30x faster transactions. For data warehousing, the new updatable In-Memory ColumnStore delivers over 100x faster query performances and better compression. In-Memory Analytics can process billions of rows in seconds. Improved performances not only mean that you can serve customers faster, it also means that their experience with your website or application is enhanced. And as the new technology is integrated in SQL Server 2014, you don’t need to buy expensive additional software to take advantage of it.

Proven predictable performance

SQL Server is a leader when it comes to TPC-E, TPC-H and real-world application performances. The TPC-E benchmark measures an online transaction processing (OLTP) workload representative of modern customer environments. The TPC-H Benchmark measures the performance of a representative data warehouse workload. SQL Server is also SAP-certified to run some of the most challenging workloads.

High availability and disaster recovery

Nowadays, more and more businesses are working with a global market hence the need for 24/7/365 availability. AlwaysOn is an easily deployed and managed solution offering maximum uptime, high availability of data and scalability with a lower TCO than other solutions. SQL Server 2014 has been upgraded from 4 to 8 active secondaries further enhancing availability, data protection and performance. The AlwaysOn technology has also been improved to allow for the inclusion of Microsoft Azure VMs running SQL Server into your disaster recovery plan, offering you the possibility of geo-redundancy.

Security and compliance

Compared to leading database competitors, SQL Server has the lowest number of security vulnerabilities according to NIST. It offers CC Certification at High Assurance Level. Management of permissions for data access has been simplified to support separation of duties across various users, therefore increasing security. Transparent Data Encryption to improve data protection and Encryption Key Management allowing the storage of keys on a separate server have been added.

Consistent data platform on-premises and cloud

SQL Server allows you to leverage existing skills and familiar tools both on-premises and in the cloud.

Scalable data warehousing

Relational data warehousing can be scaled to petabytes and integrated with non-relational sources such as Hadoop. Users can get query results in near real-time and queries that took hours can be reduced to minutes and seconds thanks to in-memory and streaming technologies.

Easy-to-use management tools

Whether your data is located on-premises or in the cloud, your database infrastructure can be centrally managed via SQL Server Management Studio. It provides you with the tools to configure, monitor and administer SQL Server instances.

Robust development tools

SQL Server Data Tools is an integrated environment within Visual Studio allowing database developers to build next-generation web, enterprise, BI and mobile applications both on-premises and in the cloud. Industry standard APIs can be used across varied platforms such as .NET, C/C++, Java, Linux and PHP.

Our MS SQL Managed Services

SQL server replication

SQL Server AlwaysOn provides flexible design choices for selecting an appropriate high availability and disaster recovery solution for your application. SQL Server AlwaysOn was developed for applications that require high uptime, need protection against failures within a data centre (high availability) and adequate redundancy against data centre failures (disaster recovery). Our Managed SQL server replication service includes the initial configuration of AlwaysOn, the ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and performance tuning and testing.

SQL Server performance management

Using monitoring software we are able to do a deep analysis of SQL performance issues. SQL performance alerts are sent to our engineering team who will investigate the performance issues as they occur.