DDoS Mitigation Services

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack involves attackers flooding a network or service with so many requests that the systems reach capacity and grind to a halt. Over the years DDOS techniques have evolved from simply flooding firewalls or DNS servers with junk to targeting infrastructure and applications. Often attackers will test a network for weaknesses as a prelude to a future malicious attack. 

DDOS attacks are getting larger but shorter in duration. Attacks over 100Gbps are commonplaces. Kaspersky have reported that few attacks lasted more than 100 hours, indeed 82% of attacks lasted no more than four hours. Such attacks cannot be dealt with simply by firewalling or increasing network capacity, specialist DDOS mitigation services are required.

Fortunately Extraordinary is able to provide our private cloud and network services clients with DDOS mitigation services using Colt's DDoS Mitigation Service which leverages the benefits of their  global IP network. Colt, one of Extraordinary's 'upstream' internet providers is one of the world's largest Tier-1 Internet bandwidth carrier with millions of miles of fiber worldwide.

Using Border Gateway Protocols (BGP) when necessary internet traffic can be directed through Colt's global mitigation network scrubbing centres for cleansing. Colt currently has multiple global scrubbing centres across three continents capable of absorbing multiple Tbps of attack traffic. Cleaning traffic in the scrubbing centres on the carrier network before passing only clean traffic onward to Extraordinary's own network is an extremely effective way of handling the DDOS threat.

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