Trust Extraordinary to Manage Your Systems 

Extraordinary provides exceptional 24/7 managed service solutions. We work as part of your technical team and our consultative approach means we provide you with an individual blend of technologies and sound processes set up to suit your business.

Understanding Managed Services

Managed Services are a range of solutions designed to reduce the number of IT duties that your company is responsible for. Depending on your business priorities and objectives, you decide which services you need.

It includes important IT services such as backups, operating system patching, application monitoring, and business continuity.

Whether you want to solve one particular problem or outsource your entire IT, our experienced engineers will be happy to discuss your requirements. 

Benefits of Managed Services

Many companies have limited IT resources and are not always able to address all arising issues in house. More importantly, what happens when the only qualified technical person is on holidays, off sick or leaves the company?

As technology plays an ever growing critical part in the way today’s businesses operate, very few companies like the idea of relying on a single point of failure to take care of such a key responsibility. They know that having one server or network down can cause productivity and revenue losses, not mentioning damages to reputation. 

Managed Services can also help you accommodate business expansion. When your company grows, you don’t necessarily have the time or budget to invest in developing your IT services in house. As a Managed Services Provider, Extraordinary allows you to get your IT projects up and running much quicker, with reduced operating costs and access to experienced and knowledgeable engineers. 

Find the right Managed Services for your company

System Management
Leave the day to day administration of your systems in the expert hands of our skilful engineers so you can focus your resources on other important areas of your business. 

MS SQL Server
In the era of big data, use this powerful database management tool to capture and analyse data. Our certified data platform engineers will help you fine tune its configuration to achieve the results you are after. 

The security of your systems and integrity of your data are a top priority that should not be taken lightly. We give you professional advice and carefully evaluate your security requirements. 

Business Continuity
We help you plan for the unexpected so you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that, should disaster strike, the systems that are most critical to your business will keep working.

Benefit from our fully redundant network with direct connections to LINX and Tier-1 networks and rely on our networking expertise to build direct connections where you need them.

Domain Management
Use our domain management services to register, renew or transfer domain names.