Registration, Transfer & Hosting of Domains 

We offer domain registration services for our new or existing hosting and bandwidth customers. 

New Domain Registrations & Renewals

New domains may be registered or domain registrations may be renewed through us. A domain renewal pricelis is available upon request. 

  • There are no hidden domain administration fees or exit charges.
  • Please email for a quote on other domain suffixes.
  • We are members of Nominet, the UK domain names Registry, through whom we register .uk domain names.
  • We are a Registration Services Provider for OpenSRS, through whom we register .com, .net and .org domain names.
  • All domain registrations are subject to the terms and conditions of the appropriate domain registry, see Domain Registration Terms & Conditions below. 
  • You must be a hosting or bandwidth customer to use our domain registration services. We do not sell domains as a 'stand alone' product.

When your domain registration is due for renewal, our support team will get in touch with you as early as 60 days prior to your domain expiry date. To renew your domain registration you can reply to the expiry alert email sent by

Domain Name Transfers In

We can accept transfers of existing domain names that are currently held by other ISPs or hosting companies. The procedures differ between .uk and other domain endings.

Transfer of .uk Domains


We will accept the transfer of .uk domains without any initial charge.

There is no charge at the point of transfer but when your domain comes up for renewal the registration fee will then be due to us. 


Instruct your existing ISP or hosting provider to transfer your domain to Nominet tag XTRAHOST and to advise once this has been done.

Specialist domain registration companies often provide an online domain management system through which transfers can be arranged. Some ISPs require written or faxed instructions before they will transfer a domain.

Once the tag changes are made, we will have control over your domain and will be able to change the DNS servers so that your domain will point to your Extraordinary hosting server.

Transfer of .com/.net/.org Domains


With your authorisation, we can initiate a transfer of your domain to our account with the OpenSRS registry. In straightforward cases, transfers can take 3 to 5 days.

Soon after we initiate the transfer, the people listed as the owner, technical and administrative contacts for the domain will be sent an email asking them if they wish the transfer to proceed. If any of these people object to the transfer, then there may be delays and further verification of ownership of the domain may be required. If you are one of the contacts listed on the domain records and are able to approve the transfer, then there is a good chance it will proceed. The confirmation emails are sent to the email addresses shown on the registration records. You can check the registration records by doing a Whois query.

Once the transfer is complete, we will have control over your domain and will be able to change the DNS servers so that your domain will point to your Extraordinary hosting server.

DNS Services & Hosting for Domains Registered Elsewhere

In the above examples we would transfer your domains to our registration services and have direct technical control over them.

As an alternative, it is possible for your domains to be registered elsewhere and for us to host your site, provided you can persuade your existing domain registrar to change the DNS settings of your domain to point to our DNS servers. We will not make any additional charges for such an arrangement, provided you keep us informed of what is happening and you take responsibility for managing the domain settings.

Using a similar approach, we can host domains which have other country endings, although you will be responsible for registering the domain with the appropriate national domain names authority and changing the domain records.

Domain Registration Terms & Conditions

On request, Extraordinary may register domain names on behalf of the Client. At no time does Extraordinary represent that any particular domain name is available for registration. The registration and use of domains names is subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant naming authority.

If payments are not received in respect of domain name registrations, Extraordinary may cancel or retain them.

Extraordinary operates Monday to Friday, from 9 am till 6 pm UK time, and follows English bank holidays. Enquiries are usually processed within one business day. 

The Client is responsible for ensuring they have rights to use domain names that are registered through Extraordinary and the Client hereby indemnifies Extraordinary for any loss of whatsoever nature incurred by Extraordinary in that regard.

In the event of a dispute between the Client and third parties in respect of the rights to domain names, Extraordinary retains the right to suspend disputed domain names. 

Although we strive to provide outstanding customer service, should you not be entirely satisfied with our service, your complaint should be sent to explaining the reason(s) of your dissatisfaction. Should your concern not be addressed to your satisfaction, you can ask for your complaint to be escalated to our Technical Support Manager. 

Nominet Terms and Conditions

If you register .uk domains through Extraordinary you are bound by Nominet Terms and Conditions

OpenSRS Terms and Conditions

All other domain registrations are subject to OpenSRS Registration Agreement
In the event of a dispute, please see ICANN UDRP (Dispute Resolution Policy).