ExpressRoute: Microsoft’s fast track to Azure

Posted by Marina Monteil in IT News

What is ExpressRoute?

With ExpressRoute, Microsoft gives you the ability to create private connections between Azure datacentres and your own infrastructure, whether it is located on-premises or in our datacentres.

The beauty of ExpressRoute connections is that they do not go over the public Internet. Therefore, compared to a traditional connection over the Internet, you benefit from a faster connection with increased reliability, lower latencies and higher security.

Network bridge for hybrid clouds

ExpressRoute is a key service for hybrid cloud models. Today, one of the biggest blocker to cloud adoption is how your existing infrastructure can be integrated with the cloud and how you can do so securely. This is the reason why most organisations are still running their business critical applications on-premises. ExpressRoute addresses those concerns and delivers a solution that is not only secure but also offers a faster connection speed.

Even though many organisations have extended their datacentres to the cloud for web application scalability, temporary services, cloud storage, and disaster recovery, they still feel that the connection between on-premises applications and cloud services is incomplete. ExpressRoute is the long-awaited network bridge that allows all your applications to be reliably, quickly and securely linked together.

ExpressRoute connections bypass the public Internet by leveraging network services offered by telecommunications partners. It is the next generation of interconnection.

How does it work?

The private connection to Azure with ExpressRoute is established through a connectivity provider.
It can be established at an ExpressRoute location, meaning an Exchange Provider facility, or you can connect directly to Microsoft Azure from your existing WAN network provided by a Network Service Provider.

ExpressRoute benefits

ExpressRoute is designed to cater for mission critical workloads such as:

  • Storage: archiving, periodic data migration
  • Backup: replication for business continuity, disaster recovery
  • Dev/Test: large movements of Virtual Machines from Dev / Test / Production environment
  • Business Intelligence and Big Data: cost-effective option for transferring large amounts of data
  • Media: predictable performance for streaming data to/from Azure

Want to find out more?

If you would like your Hybrid Cloud to be accelerated with ExpressRoute then please contact to talk about our managed hybrid cloud solutions.