Only four percent of ransomware victims recover all their data...

Posted by Andrew Ogilvie in Security

"four percent of ransomware victims recover all their data... Only 61 percent recover data at all. And victims typically experience 25 days of disruption to their businesses."

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Ransomware corrupts data, so backups can be faster and cheaper than paying up

Don't leave it to ransomware extortionists to provide a back-up of your business data! Get a proven back-up and recovery solution for your business in place now.

We can help. We have been storing and protecting data for our clients for over 21 years.

Rely on our in-depth experience deploying and managing Veeam solutions, the world's number one software vendor in Data Replication and Protection.

Let us manage and store back-ups for your physical servers, virtual servers and desktops whether they are on-premises, in a datacentre or in public clouds.

We can also provide managed back-up services for your business-critical Microsoft 365 and Salesforce data. See our Cloud Recovery site for details and instant back-up deployment.

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