Get the Best Network for your Company

Benefit from Extraordinary's fully redundant network with direct connections to LINX and Tier-1 networks. 

Networking Capabilities: Connecting Your Business to the Cloud

Businesses are increasingly looking to connect their headquarters with remote office locations, combined with connectivity into our datacentre hosted cloud services. To meet this need, Extraordinary can provide connectivity circuits, from simple point to point circuits through to complex ‘mesh and spoke’ configurations.

National & Global Multi-Carrier Connectivity Approach

To provide optimum reliability, quality of service, and flexibility we take a ‘multi-carrier’ approach which means we can consider the best carrier network or combination of networks to use to reach different locations. In the UK we have relationships with BT, Virgin Media, Vodafone (C&W), SSE Telecoms and a host of other specialist providers. Together these provide extremely comprehensive coverage of towns and cities across the UK.

For customers with overseas requirements, we can partner with leading network carriers such as Level(3), NTT and Tata Communications to provide end to end connectivity solutions. Our industry knowledge allows us to select the best carrier based on their geographic reach, technical capabilities, pricing and reputation.

Our points of presence in the major UK telecoms hubs at Telehouse Docklands, Interxion London City and Edinburgh Gyle enable us to provide direct inter-connects to all major telecoms providers.

Diversity, Resilience & Flexibility

In the UK customer access circuits are typically presented as ethernet with speeds available ranging from 10Mbps up to 10Gbps. Where required, circuits can be provided from different independent carriers and routed with geographical diversity. Often circuits can be provisioned with room for later expansion, for example a 10Mbps circuit is supplied on a 100Mbps capable port allowing easy later upgrade.

VPN Access

Where customers need to secure Internet based access to remote sites, we can configure bespoke Virtual Private Network (VPNs) between our hosted services and the customer’s sites. VPNs can be fixed for permanent sites and/or dynamic for remote worker access using Cisco VPN client software.

Public Cloud Direct Access Circuits

Where customers have embraced a hybrid cloud strategy, we can arrange direct circuits to public cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure via Azure ExpressRoute.